It's too expensive and hard to start a medical practice.

So we started one to see if it could be made easier and cheaper.

Scalpel is what we built from that experience.


Why Start A Clinic?

We were dissatisfied with the business of medicine. The industry has adopted an assembly line management philosophy that causes unnecessary stress and anxiety for patients and doctors. We want to spend more time with our patients. We want to discuss options and decision making in greater detail. We want personal relationships. We want to end unnecessary testing and procedures. We want to know how much things cost. We want tools that help instead of getting in the way. We knew there had to be a better way. So in 2017, we tested our hypothesis and began running a clinic the way we wanted to.

How We Work

Our Model

When researching, we discovered direct primary care and felt it was a good fit for our practice. For the unfamiliar, we make all of our income from a fee charged to each member of our clinic per month. Membership gets you unlimited access to your doctor and near wholesale pricing on labs, tests, and procedures. Our visits typically last an hour, and we usually have next day availability for appointments. We price our services transparently, and never surprise patients with bills.

Simplified Business Operations

We'd rather spend time practicing medicine instead of handling the tasks needed to run a business. We want to minimize the effort necessary to get work done, so we automate what we can. When we can't find off the shelf tools, we build our own. We analyze our work and see if we can do things more efficiently and effectively. We invest in ideas that make our lives better and easier. As a result, our overhead is a fraction of comparable clinics. We then pass those savings on to our patients.

Cutting Edge Technology

When reviewing existing medical technologies, we knew there was room for improvement. There is no reason why the medical field's software should be outdated. There was a time when we were leaders. We can return to that time. Knowing how to build technology is a luxury that most other clinics do not have. Having this ability gives us control over our future. We evaluate and implement solutions that fit the sweet spot of productivity, reliability, and speed to gain an edge over the competition.

Discovery and Support

Part of being a great creator is teaching others how to leverage what you've made. If you don't know what a tool is capable of you will only use a small portion of its features. If something is unknown, it may as well not exist. It's natural to have questions or suggestions on how things can be better. When a problem arises, you should be able to connect with someone who understands and can take action to resolve the issue. We try to go above and beyond to help you be a master of your domain.

We know we aren't alone in the way we feel. We want to give people the ability to experiment. Releasing our tools as a standalone product will empower a generation of innovators to make the same leap we did. If you want to start a practice, we will help.

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