Everything You Need To Run A Medical Practice

Scalpel is a suite of software applications made for running a small to medium-sized medical practice

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Document visits your way

Simple And Flexible Note Taking

Documenting patient visits can be a chore. We wanted to spend time with our patients and not on repetitive tasks, so we built a note-taking application.

With features like copy & paste, importing and exporting templates, or shortcuts you can get work done faster than ever before. Whether you are a Luddite, a power user, or in-between you will feel at home when writing your notes.

No longer waste time searching for the information that you need. Scalpel automatically collates vital data and presents it to you in a clear and concise manner.

No More No-Shows

With Our Scheduling App

Getting no-shows to show up can make the difference in running a successful practice.

Scalpel assists you by automatically sending appointment reminders via SMS, email, or phone calls on a schedule of your choice.

While we can't promise to eliminate every no-show, we are always working on new ways to thoughtfully and efficiently improve patient retention.

Increase Your Cash Flow

With Integrated Payments

Scalpel allows you to store and charge credit cards through our web interface.

Charge your patients on a recurring schedule with custom subscription plans. Create invoices for one-off charges like labs or tests.

Keep track of your practice's financial health with our built-in metrics.

Scalpel automatically deposits money into your bank account every week.

Stay Connected

With Our Chat App

With integrated messaging, you have a simple, secure, and direct connection to our support staff and your team members.

You can group people by topics of conversation, split conversations into separate threads, and receive message updates in real time.

Need to reference a months-old conversation? No problem, our full-text search can help you find it.

Do you frequently work with other medical practices? You can communicate with any other company on Scalpel using our contacts feature.

Understand Your Customers

You can’t improve if you don’t measure

Demonstrate to the community that you want to offer the highest quality of care and continuously improve your practice.

Scalpel allows you to create custom surveys so that you can collect and analyze data about running your practice.

Want to understand how satisfied your patients are, see if they would they recommend you to a friend or family member, or identify your strengths and weaknesses? Now you can.

Our analysis tool allows you to easily filter through the responses you collect. With only a few clicks you can segment your data by multiple different dimensions. This way you can find patterns and make adjustments quickly instead of flying blind.

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